Water will be turned on April 1, 2020.

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Water will be turned on April 1, 2020.


UVWUA maintains all of the canals and laterals up to and including the headgate. The private structures and ditches past the headgate must be maintained by the landowner. Each shareholder must cooperate in the maintenance of private ditches and structures that deliver the water. The landowner is also responsible to see that their tail water is taken away from their property properly and that their tail water ditches are maintained.

All canals, laterals and drains have easements. Private structures are not allowed on the UVWUA right of way. Call the UVWUA office before you build. The private ditches, main laterals, canals and drains are not dumping facilities. The system will not work if it is has trash in it, and there is enough of a problem with windblown debris.

Again, canals are on private property. The public is expected to respect the rights of the landowners. The canals are dangerous with swift currents, steep banks and strong undertows while they are running full. The steep banks are equally hazardous in the winter. They are not recreation facilities and children must be taught to stay away from them. Once more, the landowner must grant access.